Seed Ball Ride!


#Kanyakumari ↔️ #Kashmir

Two young people, Vishnu and Agnal Rk started there journey from Varkala to Kashmir on bike. There journey have also another mission , during the journey they throw and grow seed bombs that keeps with them. Due to this in future hundreds of trees will grow and this helps the protection of environment . Wishing a happy journey and congratulations for the young two bloods.


In this activity, you will make fun seed balls using native seeds and soil. Once they’re dry, simply throw them anywhere in your yard that you’d like to see wildflowers. Spring is the best time to “plant” the seed balls although you can do it in fall as well, and the flowers will appear the next spring.

Without humans, flowering plants spread their seeds by wind, water, or being transported by animals through their digestive systems or by hitching a ride on fur or hair. However, because of disconnected or destroyed habitats, wildflowers have a much harder time spreading. We can give them a hand by sowing seed balls which break down, release the seeds, and make new flower populations.

There is no need to plant these balls. Simply toss them in an area in your lawn where you’d like native wildflowers to grow! Don’t throw the seed balls in anyone else’s yard without permission. Get permission before you toss your seed balls in any public areas.

*For best results, choose seeds from plants that are best suited to the conditions of your yard. For example, if you have a shady yard, select shade-tolerant plants or if you have a sunny yard, choose plants that like drier soils, like prairie wildflowers. Remember to always clear the area of weeds or invasives before throwing your seed balls.