Twenty30 Association – Rewriting youth social responsibility

“Twenty30 Association for Sustainable Development” is a development initiative started by a group of youths in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. We are a Non-profit organization (NGO) headquartered in Attingal, Kerala. Involving young people in important community activities is growing in popularity. Through this involvement, the youths are able to contribute positively to the development of their communities. Engaging in social responsible activities also is seen as offering them an alternative to destructive activities, such as drug and alcohol abuse. The idea of social responsibility is aimed at developing the youths’ social skills to appreciate the community, the environment and their participation in the social and political processes.

Formed in April 2019, we ensures sustained and sustainable inputs to community growth through long-term commitments to specific issues, forms strategic alliances and sources funds from philanthropic budgets. The prime objective of the organization is to make Attingal Municipality the best municipality in India by the year 2030. It also aims to develop historic Attingal as a pilot model of sustainable growth, a model that is both scalable and replicable. This organization select candidates from each ward of Attingal to win the local body elections and making this busy town the first young people governing town of Kerala State.


The development of a village in a systematic and scientific manner through sustainable programmes that uplift and enrich every aspect of an individual’s life which will in the long run ensure the progress of the nation itself as a whole.


Achieve the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) and supporting Agenda 2030. We provides the leadership in catalysing action to enable vibrant progress from grass root level upwards.